Our Business Service

Tehinnah intends to stand as a bridge between the Rural and Urban societies of India. Our R&D identify opportunities of need within the Urban society; with our major product lines being Smart Electronic Products, Web Applications, Mechanical Products, Agricultural Products, Local Tourism Products and Handicrafts. These are then developed and manufactured by specially trained staff in particular villages that have been identified by Tehinnah as in need of a social, moral, and vocational upliftment. Systematic training to develop these products that enhance their natural skills and on the job training with the updated technologies help those in these villages to earn their livelihood and stand independently in their society. Thus we cater to both the Urban and Rural societies.


Production, Development and Support of electronics Products.

Web Application

Software Development and Support of applications in production.

Business Solutions

Accounting, Data entry, monthly billing system, Operational Support

New Products

New Product Development Research and improvements

Android / iOS

Mobile Phone Application Development

Sales & Marketing

National and International marketing of products

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With in depth research and development in the need of the hour, we develop, manufacture and customize products that answer a very important requirement of society. Our primary markets being the urban cities, we develop and manufacture in rural areas so that the needs of every part of society is met. Our research team closely analyses requirements so that our contributions have an optimum lifespan. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you in a unique way— our radical out of the box thinking is sure to make a change in your life.

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Our Social Services

While CSR is a popular tag adopted by many organizations today, we @Tehinnnah have combined it into our organization. To keep it simple, we do not exist without them. By teaching , equipping and developing their social, physical ,emotional and corporate skills, we provide alternate solutions to all areas of their lives. And it is open to every age group within our selected villages. We focus on enhancing their basic education, vocational training, earning opportunities so that they are able to uphold their societal responsibilities.

The Alternate

Moral Development

A listening ear and the loving guidance of a Father.

Alternate Education

Alternatives to the “learn by rote” educational system.

Own Skill

Identifing, Training and Development of God given abilities..


Scientific, smart training on innovative, organic agriculture.


Mechanical Hands- on skill Training and Development

Language Development

Training and Development in Communication